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Celebrating Earth Journalism Network: A Journey to Murchison National Park

As the sun rose over the vast savannah of Murchison Falls National Park on May 17, casting a golden hue on the acacia trees and the Nile River, a special …

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Bamboo expanse in Lamwo at risk of depletion due to uncontrolled harvesting

Denis Okello started recognizing the bamboo expanse in Lamwo district as his lifeline when he was only 17 years old. Having lost his parents during the LRA war and spent …

Elephants pushing Nwoya residents into hunger

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The charcoal conspiracy: How UPDF soldiers, traders are exploiting unclear Uganda-South Sudan border for profit

Deep inside Mount Kei Central Forest Reserve, a clandestine charcoal trade thrives in silence. Yet the forest itself tells a tale of devastation: every roar of a chainsaw, every piercing …

The road to black gold: Watchmen gang up for profits